Patient Care

We are committed to helping you to achieve the best possible results from your treatments. While we do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome, there are several things that we encourage you to do before and after your treatment.

Before Treatment:

Tell us about any medication you are on, and any medical conditions you have.

Please inform us if you are taking any blood thinning or anticoagulant drugs (Asprin, Warfarin Clopidogrel) prior to your treatment, as you may have to stop or alter your medication before undergoing certain types of treatment.

If you have a cold, flu or feel unwell, please let us know.

For longer procedures, or treatments that involve sedation or general anaesthetic, it is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing, to tie long hair back and to avoid wearing contact lenses.


Ensure your mouth and teeth are clean to help avoid infection. A Chlorhexidine containing mouthwash is useful to use before Oral Surgery or Periodontal Surgery.

If you are having sedation, do not have anything to eat or drink for at least 6 hours prior to your appointment. If you need to take medication, please ask for advice from the clinic staff as to when you need to take it. After sedation, if it recommended that you are accompanied in your journey home.

After Treatment:

You will be provided with postoperative care of your mouth information sheets and prescription drugs where necessary.

After surgery you are advised to use a Chlorhexidine mouthwash at least twice a day (unless a different mouthwash is advised on the day of treatment) and hot salt water mouthwashes during the day. Normal brushing of the teeth and care of the gums is recommended ideally prior to using a mouthwash.

A guaze pack moistened with hot water should be applied with gentle pressure to the area (by biting on it) for 10-15 minute if there is bleeding following surgery.

Please phone the clinic for advice if bleeding persists despite applying pressure.

For further after treatment information, should it not be made clear in your visit to the clinic, please contact us.